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Rob Lea set to release second single this Summer

Rob Lea has returned with his delightful new offering 'Summer In The Morning' just in time for the warmer months. The new track follows on from his debut single 'Reflection' earlier this year that gained him huge support from national and regional press and radio.

Starstruck finalist Rob Lea is hitting the ground running

Renowned for his Queen tribute band Majesty, which has toured huge venues across the UK and Europe, Rob's solo project demonstrates his versatility as an artist, going from an emotive power ballad to a vibrant sun-soaked summer hit.

Speaking about ‘Summer In The Morning’, Rob Lea shares:

“This song is about fun, sun, love and freedom. I wanted to create a song you can let go, sing at the top of your voice, dance on the table and have a great time.”

The single is being released via Nashville record label WBA, whose roster includes John Oats, The Little River Band, Michael Londra and many more talented artists.


Rob’s love for music was apparent from a very early age. The youngest of 5 children, Rob came to life when the opportunity arose to perform either at home or at school. Rob credits his music teachers throughout his school years for introducing him to instruments and believing in his talent, which inspired Rob to take up violin, guitar, piano, drums and even trumpet, for which he became the lead player in Blackpool Orchestra.

Following a year working as a performer in Benidorm and returning to the UK to study performing arts, Rob joined local rock band Black Pearl. It was his first experience being the frontman in a band and made him realise it was where he truly felt he could connect best with an audience.

Later, Rob joined tribute act bands for Take That and Queen. Having the opportunity to combine his two favourite things, acting and music, Rob found his footing. Rob set up his own Queen tribute band which has gone on to perform internationally at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. At the height of the business for the Queen tribute after many years of hard work, Rob signed a 5 year deal with a booker in the USA and then the pandemic hit. Overnight his work disappeared and he struggled to make ends meet during this difficult period. This is when Rob decided for the first time in a long time, to write his own music. When things opened back up and the Queen tribute could perform once again, Rob performed parts of his own music at his shows and received overwhelming support from his fans. This spurred Rob on to officially release his debut single ‘Reflection’ in April 2022.

‘Summer In The Morning’ is set for release on July 15th via WBA Records.

ROB LEA is available for press opportunities, please email:

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