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Rob Lea Hits the Halfway Mark

Rob Lea has just passed a huge milestone on his campaign to take on the Official Charts with his Debut Album by hitting the half way point on his financial target. With a whopping £5000 now raised and almost 1000 albums ordered, Rob is starting to create momentum on what could be an incredible introduction for this brand new artist.

Rob Lea is one step closer to chart success

Last year, Rob set out an incredibly ambitious goal of getting his debut album into the Official Top 40 Charts. Taking inspiration from the success of chart topping Indie artists such as The Reytons and The Lottery Winners, Rob set his goals high and has been rallying his growing fan base for the past number of months to get behind his Crowdfund campaign.

As we enter the New Year, Rob has just announced he has passed the halfway mark to reaching his financial target by raising a whopping £5000.

I'm over the moon with the support for the album. Reaching the halfway point is a huge milestone as the money raised will pay for the studio time to produce the album. There is nothing going to stop me getting this album out to my fans and it's an album I am already so proud of.

Rob is hoping to represent his home town of Blackpool by joining a select list of musical artists to make a name for themselves, such as Jethro Tull, Robert Smith, Alfie Boe and many more before and after. Rob showcased a number of songs in the Summer of 2023 to a Live Audience of Blackpool residents, kick starting his campaign at Blackpool's iconic Stanley Park Bandstand.

For those of you that missed the performance, you can relive the magic on YouTube by clicking below.

More exciting announcements from Rob Lea

Rob has been working hard on pushing his Debut Album forward and recently we got a glimpse at the Artwork for the album. With the help of renowned photographer Colin Boulter, (Neilson Greeves Photography) and in collaboration with The Foundry Film Studios, Rob has created 4 pieces of artwork which interconnect to create one beautiful piece of landscape Art. Each piece telling a story and depicting the journey Rob has travelled through his career.

Rob is currently offering huge discounts on multiple album purchases to encourage more people to buy more versions of the album.

The whole idea behind Indie Crowdfunds like this is to encourage people to buy physical copies of a CD. In a world where most people don't have a CD player, it's such a hard task. But this is how indie artists like me are beating the system. For every CD bought, I'd have to get 1000 people listening to my music on Spotify for it to have the same value in the Charts. So 1000 CDs is the same as 1 million streams!

The message is clear around the Indie music scene. The only way to support artists like Rob Lea is through physical purchases of CDs and Merchandise and it seems like Rob may have the support he needs from his years of entertaining residents around the UK with his world renowned Queen Tribute Band, Majesty.

If you would like to help Rob beat the Official Charts - You can Pre-Order right now by clicking here! Remember, this is the last month Rob will be offering up to 15% off on pre-orders.

How you can help

Want to help Rob Lea gain Chart Success with his Debut Album?

Here's a handy list of what you can do to help!

  • Purchase an album

The best way to support Rob's campaign is pre-ordering a CD. Even if you don't have a CD player, it's a great piece of memorabilia and helps Rob get closer to reaching his crowdfund targets. Click here to Pre-Order

  • Get the whole collection

Rob has created 4 beautiful pieces of Art on 4 CDs and 2 Vinyls. You can get the whole collection with 10% off for this month only. Purchasing all 6 versions does the job of 6000 streams online! Check out the full collection here.

  • Encourage a friend or family member

Taking a little time to speak with friends or family and encourage them to join in is such a huge help. It has the potential to take the hundreds already supporting Rob into the thousands. And once into the thousands, Rob's into the charts!

  • Social Media

Double check you're following Rob on all Social media accounts with this handy follow list!

Make sure you check out all the latest videos on YouTube and posts on socials. Spread the word by hitting those likes, commenting and sharing as much as possible.

  • Streaming Services

You can also follow artists on your favourite streaming service such as Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. In fact, it's a very powerful way of telling streaming services that Rob has a growing fan base. So hit that follow and love button by heading to Rob's Follow List for links to artist accounts.

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Feb 04

So proud of Rob. An amazing journey made of hard work and dedication. Can't wait for the album to be released and to have all 4 artwork covers on my "Rob Lea" wall of fame.


Steve McNair
Steve McNair
Feb 04

Congratulations Rob on hitting your halfway milestone mark, towards your New Debut Album. We can’t wait to see and listen to this Album out in the Charts! Love the Album Artwork that opens up booklet to see this landscape picture, that tells your journey!

All the best Rob to the Success of your new Debut Album!

We can’t wait! Steve & Stanley!

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