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Rob Lea opens Pre-Orders for debut album

Rob Lea Launches Crowdfund for debut album
Rob Lea - Shooting Freak Music Video

Blackpool's very own musical sensation, Rob Lea, is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in his career as he prepares to launch a crowdfunding campaign for his highly anticipated album. The past two years have been nothing short of extraordinary for Rob since his unforgettable appearance on ITV's hit TV show "Starstruck," and as a testament to his growing popularity and fanbase, Rob has already raised over £2000, with more than 500 individuals already backing the crowdfund campaign for his much-anticipated debut album since the website went live only a few days ago.

Rob Lea's ambitious goal is to achieve an impressive 5,000 pre-orders for his debut album, an objective he firmly believes is within reach given the staunch backing of his dedicated fan base. He understands the impact his fans can make and is counting on their support to help him reach this milestone. Rob sees the pre-order campaign as a unique opportunity to engage his audience, allowing them to be directly involved in his music-making journey. Upon reaching his goal of 5,000 pre-orders, Rob plans to officially launch his debut album, a moment that will not only mark a significant achievement in his career but also demonstrate the extraordinary power of fan-driven music. With the unwavering loyalty of his fans, Rob is on track to bring his dream to fruition and make a significant mark in the music industry.

Rob Lea debut album campaign
Rob Lea - Studio Shoot

Rob's rise to stardom began with his captivating performance as Freddie Mercury on "Starstruck." His exceptional talent, combined with his authentic charisma, helped him amass a legion of dedicated followers who have continued to support him in his venture into the music industry as an independent artist. His debut EP "Stop What You're Doing" already boasts thousands of streams and millions of views across various social media platforms. But now, he has his sights set on a bigger goal - conquering the official top 40 charts.

Inspired by independent artists such as The Reytons and The Lottery Winners who made it to the top with the unwavering support of their fanbases, Rob recognises the power of his followers. Their support is the cornerstone of his journey, providing him with the motivation and backing to challenge the music industry's established norms.

The launch of his debut album pre-order marks a crucial turning point in Rob's career. He aims to generate enough pre-sales to make a significant impact on the official charts. In an effort to rally further support, a landmark event is scheduled to take place at the historic Stanley Park Bandstand in Blackpool on July 30th. This concert, open to all, will feature Rob performing his original music for the first time, alongside performances by local bands, his original band, and a headline set from his internationally acclaimed Queen Tribute band, Majesty.

Blackpool artist Rob Lea
Rob Lea in Blackpool

The excitement surrounding Rob's debut album continues to surge as the pre-order stage kicks off. It's not just an album launch, but also a bold statement of independent music's power and potential, backed by fans' unwavering support.

You can now pre-order the debut album by Rob Lea by heading to Rob's shop or by clicking here to go straight to the crowdfunder page. By pre-ordering the album, fans not only get to be part of Rob's incredible journey but also contribute directly to the landscape of independent music.

From being Blackpool's local sensation to a national figure in the music scene, Rob's journey is nothing short of inspiring. His forthcoming album will stand as a testament to his talent, the strength of his fan base, and the undying spirit of independent music. Don't miss out on this historical moment in the music industry. Pre-order Rob Lea's debut album today and be a part of this extraordinary journey. Head to to Pre-Order yours!

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Jul 17, 2023

We are behind you 100% Rob!

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