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Rising Rock Star Rob Lea Shakes The Internet with Debut Single 'Reflection'

In a world of ever-emerging talent, one name that has shone particularly brightly in recent weeks is that of the rising rock star Rob Lea. Lea, known widely for his captivating performances as a Freddie Mercury tribute act, has been making serious waves across the digital landscape with the recent viral success of a live performance video of his debut single, 'Reflection'.

Rising Rock Star Rob Lea
Singer and Musician Rob Lea

Rob, after a fan request, decided to perform his original song at one of his Queen tribute concerts, which he described as a "crazy" yet exciting decision. Overcoming his initial nerves, he found himself taken aback by the audience's passionate response. He shared the footage of this moment on Facebook with a heartfelt caption that read:

"I work as a FREDDIE MERCURY tribute act & decided to do something CRAZY in the middle of our show by playing one of my own original songs 😱 I was nervous about doing so but I was blown away by the audience’s reaction 💞 🎙️ The song’s called ‘Reflection’. Here’s the footage…. let me know if you think Freddie would’ve approved & if I should keep playing it in our set! Rob x".

The response was beyond what Lea could have ever anticipated. Within a matter of weeks, the video amassed over a million views, thousands of shares, and an outpouring of positive comments from fans across the globe.

Buoyed by this success, Rob Lea has set his sights even higher. He is preparing to start a campaign aimed at catapulting his debut album into the charts, hoping to garner the support of his growing fan base to cross this milestone. More information about the campaign is expected soon, but Rob has hinted at a unique approach, involving crowdfunding the album through pre-sales throughout the year.

Meanwhile, thousands of fans are already enjoying his debut EP "Stop What You're Doing," released in March 2023. This five-track powerhouse includes a studio version of the hit single 'Reflection', allowing listeners to relive the magic of that viral live performance at their own leisure.

Rob Lea is not one to forget his roots or the people who have helped him along his journey. He has often expressed his gratitude to his fans and friends who have stood by him. "The love and support that I have received over the years from friends, fans, and everyone in between have been a driving force in my journey. Thank you for being a part of it," he often says.

Lea's talent has also not gone unnoticed by industry giants. He managed to reach the finals of ITV's hit show Starstruck, where he received high praise from star-studded judges like Adam Lambert and Beverley Knight.

Rob Lea performing as Freddie Mercury in ITV's hit show Starstruck
Rob Lea performing as Freddie Mercury in ITV's hit show Starstruck

As a token of his gratitude, Rob is currently giving away free signed copies of his debut EP, hoping to draw more listeners to his music as he gears up to take on the official top 40. His journey is a testament to the power of talent, hard work, and a little bit of rock 'n roll. So, if you haven't discovered Rob Lea's music yet, now is the perfect time to dive in. If you would like a Free signed Copy of Rob's Debut Single, simply CLICK HERE to grab yours.

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2023

Very good article, love it. And I can't wait to continue the journey together with our shining rising star 😀

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