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Hitting the Charts: Help Us Crack the Top 40!

We’re on the Brink of Success!

Hey, music lovers! We've got some exhilarating news—our debut album is on the cusp of breaking into the top 40 charts! But we need your help to get there. According to the latest figures, we're just 500 records away from achieving this milestone. Now is the time to rally and push us over the edge!

Rob Lea Debut Album

Special Offer: Up to 15% Discount!

To sweeten the deal, we're offering up to 15% off when you purchase more than one album. With stunning interconnecting artwork, our collection of four pieces is a must-have for collectors and a perfect way to boost our numbers. Imagine owning a beautiful set while supporting an incredible cause—let’s make this dream a reality!

A Message from Rob

Hey everyone,

It's been a thrilling journey so far! We've just had a call with our distributor and the news is fantastic. We're already making significant strides in pre-sales, enough to secure a spot in the top 100 charts. This is a remarkable achievement for independent music, but why stop there? We're just a few hundred sales away from potentially hitting the top 40. Imagine the impact of this achievement!

I'm reaching out to you—our amazing community—to help make this happen. Get your friends and family involved, grab some extra CDs as early Christmas presents, or simply spread the word. Every bit counts. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, now's the time. Pre-ordering not only guarantees your copy but also ensures your contribution counts towards our chart efforts. Plus, you'll get your album as soon as it's released!

Check out some of our exclusive bundles for more options:

Debut Album

Available in 4 different artwork variants.

Rob Lea Debut Album Artwork 1

4 CD Bundle

Get 10% off the full artwork collection.

Rob Lea 4 CD Bundle Debut Album

CD and Vinyl

Enjoy 10% off the entire collection.

Rob Lea Debut Album Full Artwork Bundle

Free Postage for Bundle Orders!

As an extra incentive, we're offering free postage for everyone who purchases one of our bundles. Use the code below at checkout for free shipping on orders over £40.

**Discount Code: TOP40**

Let's make history together! Thank you for your continued support.

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