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Releasing your first single during lockdown

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Like many musicians in the world right now, the devastation to the careers of artists and creatives around the world is huge. Over night I personally saw one of my biggest tours to date disappear. So I decided to take this time as a blessing. A moment where I can reflect on my achievements and create new goals for the future and one of my big goals was to release my own music!

How to release your first song?

It's a question I've asked myself for years and one that has stopped me from pursuing. Sure I gave it a little go when I was younger. Saved up as much as I could from my minimum wage job. Haggled the best price I could for a little bit of studio time and cut a number of songs onto a CD. Then what??? Well nothing really.

That's because back when I was trying, we didn't have this wealth of information at our fingertips and all these digital platforms available for independent artists.

Releasing music as an independent Artist!

Thank God for the internet. Our big world suddenly becomes a small, accessible place. There are platforms to release your music, sites to market yourself, social platforms to build followings, professional sites for collaboration and tons and tons of YouTube tutorial videos!!

So with that in mind I've finally started the ball rolling on releasing my first single and I invite you all to join me on this journey by joining me on social media as I fight hard to get some new music out into the world. Please feel free to join me and say hi on any or all of the the following social media platforms.





And of course remember to sign up and subscribe to my newsletters. I'm planning on creating some ways to get everyone involved in this crazy journey and my newsletters will be the first sent out for all things Seth Daniels!!! Big love to you all!

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