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Radio Interview - More FM

Updated: May 9

Some exciting news for all of you who are ready to hear my second single, you can hear it exclusively for the first time on a special hour long session with More FM.

Leading up to the release of my second single - My Girl, I shall be joining John and SJ through conversation with a playlist of music selected by me. I shall be taking you through some special songs and artists who have had a big influence with me over the years as well as answering questions from you!

How do I send in a Question?

Do you want to send a question in for John and SJ to ask me on the show? Well you can do it a few different ways. Either by emailing direct to with who you are, where you're from and what your question is, or you can leave your question in a comment below! I am really looking forward to answering some questions about.... well anything and finally showing you my second single.

Where and When Can I listen?

You can tune in to the show by heading to the following link and click on "Listen Live!":

The show will air on Wednesday 23rd September at 9pm GMT!

I look forward to seeing you there and I'll be on Facebook to continue the conversation after the show.

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