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A second single is on its way!

Updated: May 9

You heard it here first, my follow up single will be released this month!! Put it in your diary - Friday 25th September my second single will be available on all streaming platforms!

Will the follow up single live up to the first?

I've been overwhelmed with the response from my Debut Single - These Are the Times. From the incredible reception during the launch party live on Youtube, to more than 20,000 people around the world listening I feel humbled and a little scared for living up to it! Luckily, I absolutely love how this next song is sounding and really can't wait to show you. It's a really fun song, energetic, definitely one you can stick on your playlist for a jog around the block or blasting in the car to get you in a good mood on the way to work!

Want to know the title?

Oh wouldn't you like to know. Oh go on then. The new title for my new single will be -

My Girl

I don't know, the image of some old dear asking Alexa for the classic Temptations song and getting me instead gives me some kind of sick satisfaction.

Anyway, I would love to know what you guys think of the new title for my second song by leaving a comment below.

Big love to you all!


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