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Hey There!

Thanks for taking an interest in becoming a Patron for my music.

The process of bringing new music out these days costs so much, most artists lose money doing it.  It's a real issue, which see's only the privileged few able to fund their own music, creating more inequality, and creating greater hardship for working class artists like myself.

That's why platforms like Patreon, where fans, friends and family can subscribe to a small monthly payment to support artists like myself are so important.  If you're interested in joining, you can learn more by reading below.

A little about how I started...

When I first started trying to write new music, I was 16 and in a rock band with my friends called Wildkard. We played original classic Rock songs with influences from our favourite bands such as Queen, Aerosmith and the likes.

I spent about 2 to 3 years trying hard to get out on the road and plug our music, but quickly realised that everything I did came at a cost.  Even playing a show was costing more money than we earned, so eventually we had to stop.

My dreams however never stopped.  I knew if I was to break through that door I had to earn a good wage to fund it all, so I spent the best part of 10 years building the worlds best Queen Tribute band, so I could still perform, meet people and write music.

So what you have seen over the past year with me releasing my own music, is a plan I've had for years and it's only recently I've saved up enough to do it properly!

How much does it all cost?

Just to give you an idea of how much things cost and how much you can earn, here is just a few of the expenses you face recording and releasing a record.

Recording the Song:

Studio Time: £45 an hour

Engineer fees: £250 per day

Mixing:  £250 - £500

Mastering: £60 - £150

Marketing the Song:

Photography: £200 - £500

Music Video:  £500 - £5000

Additional assets (Such as trailers, additional photography or video content): £0 - £1000

Releasing the Song:

Digital distribution:  £25

Label costs: 20% income from digital platforms

Pr (Press, radio and Playlisting): £1000

Other marketing services (Playlisting, Reviews, Bloggers): £250 - £500

Facebook Ads:  £500 - £1000

Potential Earnings:

Streaming services (Spotify, Amazon, Apple etc):  $0.003 per stream ($3 every 1000 streams)

Physical CD Sales: £5 - £12 per CD

So you can see, it's a hard road to travel when trying to release music.  There are of course other ways to make money from music.  Live concerts being a big one.  You could also get your music placed on TV or commercials which can bring in good money, so it's not all doom and gloom, but you can understand it's a big investment for something that may not return.

How can you help support new music?

If you're still reading this you are already doing a lot supporting new music.
Words of encouragement, sharing songs and videos with friends, it all goes a long way and means the world to artists like me to know that you care and you're behind them.

But let me tell you about a platform called Patreon.

For the price of a Costa Coffee each month, you could subscribe for a few pounds to my Patreon page. Thousands of artists around the world use Patreon to raise funds for their art and projects and in return for your contributions, you get the chance to support an independent artist and by doing so become part of the family.

So if you're interested, please check out my official Patreon Page by clicking below.


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