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"Stop What You're Doing"

Available Now!

Hello!  If you have been following me for a while or if you're new to my music, a huge welcome and thanks for supporting an independent artist.  I have decided to give away the first 1000 copies of my debut EP "Stop what you're doing" (CD) for FREE! AND I'm gonna sign every copy too!

Rob Lea EP Mockup.jpg

How to get your FREE CD

So, there's no catch with the free CD.  All I ask is that you cover the postage as you can imagine posting 1000 CD's would bankrupt me! 

To Access your FREE CD, all you need to do is sign up to my mailing list by filling in the contact form below.  After you submit you'll be taken to my shop where you can get your FREE signed copy of my EP

For those who have asked if they can pay for the CD - the link to the Shop is in the menu above or you can CLICK HERE.  

Why do I want you to Sign Up you ask?

Well, as an DIY musician, keeping contact with my fans is incredibly important.  If I ever want to put on a show or aim for the stars by getting a song in the charts, I need your support!  By giving me your email and phone number, I can keep you updated on my journey and make sure you're a part of it!

Don't worry, I don't spam you with offers and rubbish.  I'll simply message if there's a new song out, or a gig in your area.  You can read full privacy policy by clicking here.

So!  What are you waiting for!  Fill in the form below and get your FREE CD right now!

Huge thanks in advance and thank you so much for all the support, you're making a little Yorkshire Lad's dreams come true!

7. Rob Lea - Press Shot.jpg

Sign up for your FREE Signed CD

Simply fill out the form and you'll be taken to my shop where you can get your FREE Signed CD

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